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Why Sleep is the Best Painkiller? :: Study: Compound In Red Wine Can Alleviate Knee Pain ::
Back pain and the placebo effect: ‘I’ll keep taking the pills’ :: Factors Associated With Persistent Opioid Use Among Injured Workers’ Compensation Claimants
:: Fact or Fiction: Do Redheads Feel More Pain ?
:: Common Painkiller Poses Risk to Heart Health

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Beware the Dress Code

Some are taking this veeerrrryyyyy seriously.  And then there’s us. Below is the Abstract for a study that was published in Neuroradiology by Robin Lüddecke, Thomas Linder, Julia Forstenpointner, Ralf Baron, Olav Jansen, and Janne Gierthmühlen [it took 6 of them]. [It’s annotated, if that wasn’t clear] Purpose  Negative cerebrovascular [adjective relating to the brain and its […]

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Respect the Heat

The CDC reports that extreme heat is more deadly than all other weather-related illnesses combined.  This is as true for workers as it is for Alaskans sunbathing (in the Caribbean, not so much in Alaska).   Seriously though, let’s talk about what the dangers are, how to spot them, treat them and prevent them.  Read on…

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